The Tidying Up Effect

All across the county right now beds are filled with clothes. Closets are empty. Drawers are getting emptied out and wiped clean. All of this the effect of the Tidying up Netflix show featuring #MarieKondo is growing in popularity. We all can relate to the accumulation of “stuff.” Have a space…will fill. Many times a home may actually have insufficient storage. However, if your storage is sufficient, there is still a good chance you’ve used up every ounce of it! A good listing agent has a lot of experience in the fast and furious decluttering phase in anticipation of listing a home. Sometimes it’s in a frenzy to get your home on the market ASAP. Other times, it’s relative to how long you’ve lived in your home. I wish there was a quick formula like there is for calculating dog years. I can just hear myself saying, “For every 5 years you’ve lived in a home, it will take you a month to declutter.” If only it was that straight forward.

What we try to avoid, although not always possible, is for a client to find that “perfect home” but they aren’t in a position to really buy it. Then, run home from the showing in the hopes that yanking everything off the walls will be all it will take to sell their home. The truth is, it’s usually several weeks to really get a home ready to sell for the optimal price and timing. After all, we want to hit the market with a “BANG” not a SIZZLE in order to garner as much interest, and likewise secure the best buyer. Being show-ready is not how the vast majority of us live and it’s generally more than a few hours between how we live, and how we sell.

We’ve all experienced this frenzy with our clients. We run back to their house after the showing, start packing up their family photos and packing up all the knick knacks while frantically putting together the offer. Most often, the story doesn’t end with them getting the house because their offer can’t really compete with others. That frenzy more likely is the fuel to start the fire they needed to get their home ready and ultimately find their next home. By and large, it works out the way it is meant to in the end. Even so, this is generally a stressful way to start the journey.  If you, or someone you know, is debating moving, it’s never too early to call us to get started the right way. We hate to have someone in a position where that home they have been dreaming of is lost because they aren’t ready to submit a contract that will actually be acceptable to the seller. Don’t get caught in this heartbreak. We have a plan to help you get ready, be poised to act. We get your home ready, measured, photographed, pre-market your home and be poised to go live  at a moments notice.  And then we wait. Hiding in the tall grass, like a cat stalking their prey, waiting for that house, your house, to come on the market. With our help, you’ll be ready though and all will be right in the jungle.  Let us help you get your jungle tidied up! We specialize going above and beyond simply putting a sign in the yard…we believe in full service, all encompassing marketing from the beginning to having that happily ever after in your new home!

Submitted by Carrie Schlegel

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