Our Favorite Apps

With so many apps out there it’s hard to keep up with the newest trends of what’s truly a usable apps for everyday life. We decided to make a list of some of our most favorite app. They are everything from day to day use apps, for those that are parents, those for the business professional and then those for well, everyone!

Evernote: This uber organizational app lets you take notes, to-do lists, add photos or web pages and they instantly becomes searchable. Jenn C says that its the best way to gather information on something from several sources and put into one document.

Scannable: With a profession that keeps you on the road a lot, having an easy to use Scanner app is a must! Chip loves that Scannable takes really crisp imagine captions, is very simple to work within and works well in many different programs.

Marco Polo: Carrie discovered this Video chat app and it’s perfect for our out of town clients. You can record a video and either a person can watch you while it’s recording (and send you instant feedback) or save it to watch later.

Life 360: Anyone with a teenager who drives must get this app says Judy! It lets you track their whereabouts, know what speed they drove at, if they used their phone while driving and if they had any hard breaks. It’s worth the upgraded version as well.

Ripl: We’ve all been using this app to create short animated videos for social media posts. Simple to use and very user friendly!

Flixster: Any movie lover will want this app. Nicole uses this app to find out what movies are playing nearby with ratings reviews for each and you can buy tickets on the app as well.

Ourpact: Want to control the usage of your childs phone? Even the free version allows you, from your own phone, to turn off the apps of your childs phone. You can even create preset times that the phone goes off (school hours for Jenn C’s kids).

Google Photos: Carrie loves her Google Photos app because you can share and add photos and it has facial recognition so it allows you to type in a name and all of that persons pictures pop up.

InstaCart: For anyone that doesn’t always have time to casually wander the grocery store isles, this app is for you. Available at most of the popular grocery stores, you can have someone shop for you and delivery your groceries right to your door.

Mint: Jenn C has been using this money tracker app for years and it not only lets you see where you money goes each month but you can link up everything from you mortgage to your 401k so everything can be viewed in one place.

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