Let’s play a game!

There is no denying it…you are going to be home a lot more for the next few weeks. We thought we would share some of our favorite games to help inspire you to break out an oldie but goodie, or try something new!


  • Battleship – Betsy’s family likes this head to head game where it’s all location, location, location!
  • Scrabble – a great game for any age where knowledge of words that start with Q and Z is key!
  • Monopoly – it’s one of those games that many of us can’t bear on a regular night. We get it – it’s long! Julie suggested this is a great time to indulge the kiddos and break out this epic game.
  • Dominoes – Nicole’s family recently discovered Mexican Train, a version of Dominoes where everyone has a track. It’s a fun way to play this classic game and it’s a race to play on the Ghost Track!
  • Clue – this is a great game for using those deductive reasoning skills

Soon to be Classics!

  • Dutch Blitz – this is a new discovery for Carrie’s family but has quickly become a favorite. It’s derived from an classic Amish game where you race to finish your pile and get your numbers in the center first. It’s all about speed and being able to split you focus.
  • Catan – another Schlegel family favorite where it’s all about location! This strategy game takes some time but it’s about building, trading and resources.
  • Spirit Island – similar in concept to Catan, Chip’s suggestion for a strategy game that is all about water, cooperative play and removing the invaders on the island. You’ll never play the same game twice.
  • Headbanz – the Crawfords enjoy this game where you try to identity what is written on the card that you are wearing on your head. You’ll ask a serious of questions to try to get to the answer. A quick and fun game for the whole family!

The un-board games

  • Uno – we are sure you’ve heard of this game! There are two great suggestions here though. Uno Flip is a version that includes two different versions of the game on each side of the card. There will be a card played and every single card in your hand and the deck gets flipped and now you are playing a whole separate game. Just when you think you have a plan to go out, FLIP! We also had a suggestion that your kids can play Uno with friends via Facetime if they are missing each other. Almost everyone has a deck so have them grab their iPad and a deck and phone a friend.
  • Hangman – Susan’s family enjoys this fun and classic game. It’s another one that could be played via Facetime with friends.
  • Puzzles – how often do we break out these beauties and really get to work. We have a suggestion: when separating pieces if you put the pieces into groups by their shape (1 nub, 2 nub etc) you will have an easier time trying to locate a piece on those really challenging puzzles with 1000 yellow pencils that are difficult to break down in other ways.
  • Cards – If you’d like to take it a step beyond Gin and Go Fish, here are some great new card games to learn:

We want to hear from you. What games do you play?

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