Daytrip to the Durham Life and Science Museum

Written By: Judy Hart

  • Drive time: 30 min
  • Adventurers: Judy Hart, daughters Keegan and Ryan & granddaughter Emma
  • Life and Science Museum and Elmo’s Diner : Durham, NC

What a day we had, discovering  Durham. I wanted to find a quick day trip we could do that would also include my 3-year-old granddaughter. Durham has a lot of fun options and it was easy to find an itinerary for a special day. We started off our day with a brunch at the famous Elmo’s Diner. They serve breakfast throughout the day but also have some great lunch options. The kid’s meal had a huge menu and tons of delicious food was served. I enjoyed a greek pita; it was fresh and tasty.

Next, we went to a museum; the Durham Museum of Life and Science. It was a little tricky getting tickets due to COVID-19. You have to buy them online, and you can’t purchase ahead more than 3 days.

For a 3-year-old who has been home for a year, this was probably the most exciting day of her life.

Between walking through the butterfly exhibit, visiting the farm animals, and discovering all the fun hands-on activities, I think her favorite thing of the day was the moving, lit-up dance floor. There were no crowds and a large mixture of ages throughout the museum.

There is something for all age groups there, and everyone seemed very occupied and entertained. We ended our day by going to the museum gift shop and buying freeze-dried astronaut ice cream. All and all, we had a wonderful day, it was nice to get out again and enjoy the wonderful city of Durham. 

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