Daytrip to Graham

Drive Time: 50 minutes

Adventurers: Chip, Mom, Cathy, JP, Ben, Kimberly, Adalee and Braylee
Destination: Children’s Museum of Alamance County, Alamance Arts and Village Grill
Total cost: (total trip $148) $5/person Children’s Museum and ~$17/person @ Village Grill

For a fun local trip very close to the Triangle take a short drive to Graham.  Your children, grandchildren or nieces/nephews will love the Children’s Museum of Alamance County and after some fun playing there you can take a look at the current exhibit at the Alamance Arts Center. 

The museum has lots of hands-on exhibits but is practicing Covid Safety so everyone must wear a mask and they’re sanitizing carefully.  You can draw on glass walls, put puzzles together, climb and play

For our meal Village Grill was a no brainer.  A comfortable, family friendly place with lots of great menu options. Their Key West Chicken entrees are some of their best and their Key Lime pie is fantastic.

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