Daytrip to Hillsborough, NC

  • Day trip to Hillsborough, NC
  • Destination: Eno River Farm, The Colonial Inn and Lavender Oaks Farm
  • Drive Time: 45 minutes
  • Adventurers: Niki and husband Manny

If you are looking for something to do but don’t want to be stuck inside I have just the thing for you! I started my day trip at Eno River Farm in Hillsborough. All I can say is WOW.  If you love locally grown fruit and vegetables you will be in heaven.  Right now, they have strawberries as far as you can see. You can pick your own or buy a bucket that has been picked for you.  They also have homemade ice cream, different types of bread, jams and a few pastries.  However, the best part for me was their flowers. Especially their hanging baskets.  There are so many different colors and types of flowers to choose from and the baskets are huge.  I couldn’t believe the price either – $16.50.  These baskets would be at least double that price somewhere else.  

 The staff was so friendly and knowledgeable.  They also have picnic tables scattered around so you sit in the shade and enjoy your ice cream or a snack. Pro tip – it’s a fairly steep hill from the parking lot to the building so if anyone in your group does not do well on hills you can pull up to the front and drop them off or there are a few handicap spots up by the building. To find out what is in season go to

Just a few minutes down the road was my next stop – The Colonial Inn.  If you are like me and love history you will not want to leave this place!  There is a whole little section of “downtown” Hillsborough that dates back to the 1700’s and The Colonial Inn is right in the middle of all of it.  They have done an amazing job renovating while keeping the history intact.  This is a 32 room boutique Inn with a bar and restaurant.
If you are looking for a place to hold an event and want a splash of southern charm you can not go wrong here. 

They have weekly concerts that are usually free.  On Saturday’s at either noon or 1:00 you can take a guided tour for $15/person that dives into the history of the Inn and the area.  The rooms are absolutely stunning and they serve dinner nightly starting at 4:00. Check their website for menus and events at

Our final stop was at Lavender Oaks Farm in Chapel Hill.  They have 9 varieties of lavender however right now only 4 are in bloom.  All 9 should be in bloom soon and I can not wait to go back and soak in the smell.  They host events in their huge barn with a lavender menu – I would never have thought to cook with it!
Don’t miss the gift shop! You can buy all sorts of lavender items from soap to tea to fresh trimmings to wine to lavender salt.  They also have a lunch and learn weekly. Check out their website for details

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