Good Day, Good Night

Core Realty Advisors July Happy Hour at Good Day, Good Night on West Morgan in downtown Raleigh. There are several restaurants in the area that aren’t open on Tuesdays so our original plan required a pivot. Hey, we are Realtors and good at pivoting. Luckily for us Good Day, Good Night was open and able to accomodate us. We hadn’t booked a table in advance but they were able to seat us since we arrived just as the kitchen was opening at 5pm.

The atmosphere …

The indoor dining space is relatively small with a few booths, high top tables and luckily one long Head Table right in front of the kitchen window. The bar area is very spacious and well suited for groups to stand around. The vibe is generally warm and a good mix between eclectic and modern. There is a farm house style cupboard, mixed upholstery on the booths, gold mirrors and patterned tile walls and drum lights.

The bevvies …

There are daily drink specials and Tuesday happens to be $25 Margarita pitcher night. They were delicious and refreshing. Other notable drinks we enjoyed –

  • Chip ordered one of the specialty drinks “Honey I am Home” with smoky Mezcal.
  • Heather ordered the Tiki River which is very sweet with pineapple leaf
  • Mike “Muddy” ordered the Smokey Amador and when it came out, it was the talk of the table. This bourbon drink comes with a smoke bubble presentation (head to our social media to see for yourself). If you like bourbon and want something unique, this is it!

The bites …

  • The nachos are amazing and a great size for sharing. Each bite had a delightful new mix of flavors and all fresh ingredients.
  • The roasted olive, almond and chick pea appetizer was delicious and a light and easy thing to share.
  • The hummus and pita appetizer didn’t strike anyone as noteworthy.
  • If you have a dietary constraint you are in luck – vegetarian, gluten free and potential allergens are all plainly listed on each menu item.
  • Their menu has a plant forward focus but there are plenty of options for everyone!

We would go back and sample some of their other offerings, especially the breakfast menu!

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