The Ark Tiki Bar

Core Realty Advisors August Happy Hour at The Ark Tiki Bar on Glenwood Ave. It’s a tad tricky to find as you can’t really see it from the road but the public parking on W. North Street by Heat Studios will lead you right to it. Navigate to Pine State Public House and pull in the alley and you’ll find it! Follow them on Instagram (hey follow us while you are at it too!)

The atmosphere …

There is a two tiered outdoor area with a great patio vibe. We happened to be there in the depths of August heat and needed the air conditioning until the sun went down. As soon as you walk through the curtains you’ll feel like you are on island time. The grass cloth wallpaper, the mid-century modern furnishings and bamboo accents certainly add to the vibe. The name is an homage to one of the exploring ships of Sir Walter Raleigh. The bar itself isn’t strictly in honor of the explorer but rather the spirit of adventure, travel and exploring new cultures. Read more here

The bevvies …

All the drinks seem to be relatively tropical in nature and they use some unusual sweeteners. There is a full bar so you can certainly order anything your heart desires. Of course, there are many varieties of rum! Check out the drink menu

  • Chip got the painkiller and enjoyed it so much he ordered another. That nutmeg taste really complimented the orange and pineapple.
  • Jenn ordered One Love and it came in an awesome Tiki glass. It had a hint of a spice or after taste that we couldn’t seem to identify…not bad, just couldn’t quite put our fingers on it.
  • Carrie ordered the Yacht Club which came in a small glass. At first glance felt a tad small and she felt like she needed to drink it with her pinky up. It did pack a punch though – small in size didn’t prove to be small in effectiveness.
  • Judy got a beer but her husband, Kenny, got the Jamacian Planters Punch and it was a winner!
  • Amber and Niki both got Belafonte. It was a fun green color, pre made up frozen drink and served with an orchid. It was so delightful that when given the choice to order something else, someone opted to just get another one of them 🙂
  • Lauren got the Gin Riki Tiki which has a fun purple color. It isn’t super sweet and has a nice smooth taste of gin.
  • Betsy got a margarita which she enjoyed because who doesn’t love a frozen margarita in a tiki bar!

They do not have any food at the bar so if you are there for more than a few drinks, you are going to need to walk down to get some food elsewhere on Glenwood.

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