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Local Elections

Early voting is here for the municipal elections. In 2017 only 17% of of voters turned out for the local races. If you haven’t voted, it’s likely because you don’t have a good idea of who to vote for, what the issues really are etc. We fully believe in educating the consumers on the process […]

Core Realty Advisors helps you buy and sell with Ribbon©

At Core Realty Advisors, we have a new tool in our tool box, Ribbon©. This program addresses the desire to find your home first without seeking to do so by grabbing the equity in the home you are selling for a much more modest fee.

Spring Break Staycation?

Spring Break is upon us! Your feed might blow up with pictures of faraway places. For those of you who are staying local, don’t let the lack of airline miles put a damper on this opportunity for some family fun. Sleeping in, no homework and not making lunches for a week are enough to celebrate. […]

The Tidying Up Effect

All across the county right now beds are filled with clothes. Closets are empty. Drawers are getting emptied out and wiped clean. All of this the effect of the Tidying up Netflix show featuring #MarieKondo is growing in popularity. We all can relate to the accumulation of “stuff.” Have a space…will fill. Many times a home may […]

Another great reason to live in the Triangle…

We get super excited every time we come across a ‘Top Places to Live” article because chances are Raleigh and/or the surrounding area will be on that list!  Due to our phenomenal colleges and nationally recognized hospitals, the Triangle has gained a lot of attention over the years. Additionally, a healthy job growth and hundreds […]

Government Shutdown and Buying a Home

With North Carolina as the 9th most populated state in the country, as well as the 5th fastest growing state, we’re going to be busy this winter with home sales. With the government continuing on with it shutdown, will this affect home buyers? Possibly, yes Home loans issued by the US Dept. of Agriculture, (i.e. […]

January 2019 Newsletter

Did you know that January is named after the Roman god Janus? And that there’s a Fun Day at Work holiday? Read on to find out more!